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Show Me Arabians is a small farm located about 40 miles south of St Louis, Missouri. It is owned and operated by Lou Anne and Gary Schutte. Lou Anne has owned horses off and on all her life which has encompassed several breeds including her treasured Morgan gelding, NHF Bold Stand (Stanley) which she a still owns!

Lou Anne has always had a passion for the Arabian horse and dreamed of owning one. She bought her first Arabian mare in 1998 and was a little unsure of the direction her breeding program should go as she was just learning the bloodlines. Her first Arabian was in her words, "a little petite, flashy and showy" mare that was heavy Crabbet breeding by the name of "BB Rutez" and was purchased on the spot and never regretted! Lou Anne describes Rutez as having the most wonderful character; with the most sensible sane temperament she has ever had the pleasure of owning. Soon after, she had seen a Khemosabi++++// video and fell madly in love with the horse that has been compared to Elvis in popularity! A Khemosabi++++// son was to soon follow to become her breeding stallion, LEIC Khemo Bask.

She first established L & C Arabians in 1998, but in 2005 Lou Anne rebranded her program as "Show Me Arabians". She has since married Gary and with his support has added many quality mares to her herd as you will see by their pictures and pedigrees. She has developed a very regimental program breeding for healthy, sound, conformationally correct, beautiful horses that are Nationals halter and/or performance quality.  Her philosophy is simple; "Today there are too many starving, unwanted, neglected horses in the world needing homes just to be Williy Nilly about breeding them. We take the mating of our horses very seriously"!


Everybodys’s Happy at Show Me Arabians!


Cats with Guinea fowl Cats with Guinea fowl Rutez and Gabe Rutez and Gabe